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About Spring Creek Client Care

Spring Creek Client Care is an extended service for our homeowners that demonstrates our commitment beyond the Alberta New Home Warranty that comes with the purchase of every new home in Spring Creek.

Spring Creek’s commitment to quality on all our buildings and the promotion of quality of life for our homeowners means our promises don’t end with the sale of a home.

The Spring Creek Client Care service was launched in response to maintain homes after the expiration of the new home warranty period (which varies by home and in-home system).

Often, Spring Creek staff are called on to deal with problems homeowners have after the warranty period. This just makes sense. We built these homes. We know these homes inside and out, and our Spring Creek staff and experts are some of the friendliest and most efficient responders around and have built a positive relationship with our Spring Creek homeowners. Naturally, we are usually called upon first.

To support this need, we created Spring Creek Client Care to assist our neighbourhood homeowners with a service that is easy to access, offers superior maintenance for their homes and provides crucial peace of mind for them.